2017 Ford Interceptor Utility – Lightbar

Pricing is based on State of Oklahoma Contract SW035 with additional and deleted options provided by Bob Hurley Ford Government Sales and equipment and installation provided by SMILES Public Safety Store.  See contract pricing below.

The contract period ending date is 11/20/2017.  Please visit Oklahoma DCAM for full details of the contract.  
or call 479-452-2833

Basic Lightbar Package

  • 2017 Ford Interceptor - Utility
  • Brooking Industries RayZR 4-head LED behind front grille
  • Brooking Industries Legion Dual Color Lightbar
    • LED takedowns
    • LED alley lights
    • Rear dual-color warning/traffic director
  • Brooking Industries MS3BS LEDs in headlights
  • Brooking Industries PAL06 hide-away LEDs in tail lights
  • Jotto Desk equipment console - Utility
  • Siren speaker
  • Carson SC-409 siren amplifier/lighting controller
  • Jotto Desk partition
  • Jotto Desk Dual Gun Mount
  • Set Up For One Radio

Vehicle includes all factory and contract standard equipment per Oklahoma State Contract SW035. Contract price is $27,995.00.  This unit will have added options of Dark Car, Noise Suppression, Keyless Entry, Headlight Prep, Taillight Prep, Basic Sync, and Pre-Wire Grille/Siren.  This unit will have deleted options Tremco, Cloth Seats, and Carpet.  Final Price is $28,672.00. (Not Including Package Equipment)